Getting Started with OpenTBL

Updated: July 24, 2017

Welcome to OpenTBL! In this article, you’ll learn how to use OpenTBL to manage your course and create TBL exercises.

Creating a space

The first thing you’ll need to do on OpenTBL is to create a space. A space is the equivalent of a course. Each space has its own roster, teams, and set of exercises.

To create one click New Space.

New Space

Importing your roster

We recommend adding your roster to OpenTBL as early as possible. You can add your entire roster by importing a CSV file. Students will receive an email invitation with a link to the space.

Learn how to import your roster

Creating your teams

Creating and managing teams has never been easier. Once you have your roster on OpenTBL you can start creating teams.

Learn how to create teams in OpenTBL

Creating an exercise

The last step is to create an exercise and distribute it among your students. Currently, there are two types of exercises available in OpenTBL: Readiness Assurance Tests and Peer Evaluations. We’ve provided support guides to walk you through each one.

Learn how to create a peer evaluation

Learn how to create a standard Readiness Assurance Test

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