Create a Balance Points Peer Evaluation

Updated: July 24, 2017

Balance points peer evaluation is based off the Michaelsen’s method. Students have 1 slider per team member and he/she must balance a specified number of points between their team members (i.e., If I want to give Timmy 3 more points I must take them away from Sofia).

Before you start

  • Be sure you’re familiar with how Peer Evaluations work.
  • This guide is specifically for Balance Points evaluations. If you want to have multiple categories on your peer evaluation read our guide here.
  • If you need to leave at anytime, click on Exit Builder. Your data will be saved and you’ll be able to complete the evaluation when you’re ready.

Creating a peer evaluation

To create a peer evaluation, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the space you’d like to add a Peer Evaluation.
  2. Click New Exercise.
  3. New Exercise
  4. Click on Select Exercise under Peer Evaluation
  5. Select Type
  6. Give your peer evaluation a name.
  7. Add an overview to give your students some direction. Students will read this before they go into their exercise.
  8. Click on Next Step.
  9. Next step

Content step

The content step is where you focus on the questions and content of the peer evaluation.

  1. Choose Michaelsen’s Method (Balance Points).
  2. Balance points
    • If your evaluations have categories, learn how to create a peer evaluation with categories
  3. Click Select Template.
  4. Choose how many points per member for the total amount to distribute.
  5. Point distribution
    • Default is 10 points per member.
  6. If you’d like to edit the default question, click Edit Question.
  7. Scale
    • You can change the label, scale range, and add endpoint labels
    • Click Update Question when you’re done editing.
  8. You’re given two default questions, click Edit Question if you’d like to edit.
  9. Qualitative section
    • You can change the label and the feedback type.
    • Click Update Question when you’re done editing.
  10. If you’ve made changes and would like save it as a template, Click on Yes, Make This A Template.
  11. Save template
    • Name your template and click Save Template.

Settings step

  1. Choose the date and time you’d like the peer evaluation to be available to your students
  2. Pick date
  3. Choose the date and time you’d like the peer evaluation to be close.
  4. Click on Next Step.
  5. Next step

Confirmation step

  1. Review the details of each section. If you’d like to edit a particular section, click the Edit Button for the section you’d like to change.
  2. Click Finish Building to complete the process.
  3. Finish building

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