Teach more. Manage less.

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Promote engaging team communication

OpenTBL is designed from the ground up to promote energizing team communication in an online environment. Specialized chat and archived messaging facilitate productive team decision making on complex and difficult questions. Automated, instant feedback is provided to deepen learning through further discussion and reflection.

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Easily identify learning deficiencies

Follow along with your student’s progress. Configure your own thresholds to see where individuals and teams are falling behind in real-time to give them feedback at the right time.

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Built with faculty for faculty

Developed to augment your existing teaching workflows, not replace them, OpenTBL has been created with TBL faculty every step of the way. The result is a practical set of tools that allows you to teach more and manage less:

  • Pedagogically sound exercise templates to help you get started.
  • Distribute Peer Evaluations and results in seconds.
  • Copy your exercises from semester to semester.
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Open source, open access

OpenTBL is built by a passionate group of faculty, staff, developers, and designers that have collaboratively built and supported software for use at over 50 universities.

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