Effects of Editing Teams

Updated: July 24, 2017

Past due exercises will not be affected by any changes to your teams.

For Peer Evaluations

  • All quantitative scores will be reset for any team that has been edited and students will be required to re-submit their evaluations. OpenTBL will send out notifications only to students in the affected teams letting them know that they will need to re-submit.
  • If there are team members who have completed and submitted their peer evaluations, they will be also asked to re-submit.
  • Any qualitative data - positive and constructive feedback - for students that still remain on the team will be saved.

Example: You decide to move a student from Team A to Team B. All team members of Team A and Team B will have their quantitative data reset, phase unlocked, and will be notified

For Readiness Assurance Tests

  • Adding a new member or deleting existing team members will not affect the team’s tRAT responses unless the entire team is deleted.

If you have any questions contact support@opentbl.com.