Create a RAT with Immediate Feedback

Updated: July 24, 2017

A Readiness Assurance Test consists of two activities: the individual Readiness Assurance Test (iRAT) and the team Readiness Assurance Test (tRAT). In this particular case we will be building a RAT immediate feedback. Here's what the feedback will look like to your students:

Immediate feedback example

Before you start

  • Be sure you’re familiar with how Readiness Assurance Tests work.
  • If you need to leave at anytime, click on Exit Builder. Your data will be saved and you’ll be able to complete the RAT when you’re ready.

Creating a RAT

To create a standard RAT, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the space you’d like to add a RAT.
  2. Click New Exercise.
  3. New Exercise
  4. Click on Select Exercise under Readiness Assurance
  5. Exercise Type
  6. Give your RAT a name.
  7. Add some instructions.
  8. If you want your iRAT and tRAT to have a different name, add it to the Individual Activity Names. The default names are [exercise name] iRAT, [exercise name] tRAT -Where [exercise name] is replaced by whatever you add as the exercise name.
  9. Individual Acivity Names
  10. Click on Next Step.
  11. Next step

Content step

The content step is where you focus on the questions and content of the Readiness Assurance Test.

  1. Click on New Question.
  2. New Question
  3. Add the question in the text area named Question Label
  4. Question panel
  5. Add your answer choices in the text inputs provided.
    • If you have less than 4 choices, click on the Delete Icon.
    • Exercise Overview
    • If you have more than 4 choices, click on New Answer Choice.
    • New answer choice
  6. Once you have your answer choices entered, set the correct answer by click on Set as correct under the correct choice.
  7. Set as correct
  8. Click Update Question to save.
  9. Repeat steps for all the questions you’d like to add.

Settings step

  1. Set your max number of points.
  2. In order to enable feedback make sure you check the option Give students Immediate Feedback.
  3. Immediate feedback
  4. Set the maximum number of attempts. We recommend using (number of choices) - 1.
  5. Set the the number of points you’d like to deduct for every incorrect attempt.
  6. Add the maximum points awarded per question. This number will be the same across all questions.
  7. Choose the date and time you’d like the iRAT to be available to your students
  8. Pick date
  9. Choose the date and time you’d like the iRAT to be close.
    • Note: You’ll still be able to keep iRAT open or reopen for particular students if you need to.
  10. Repeat for the tRAT.
  11. Click on Next Step.
  12. Next step

Confirmation step

  1. Review the details of each section. If you’d like to edit a particular section, click the Edit Button for the section you’d like to change.
  2. Click Finish Building to complete the process.
  3. Finish building

If you have any questions contact