About peer evaluations

Updated: July 24, 2017

Usually done 2-3 times a semester (beginning, middle, and end), peer evaluations are a great way to shift accountability over to the students.


  • Quantitative section
    This refers to the numeric scoring section of the evaluation. OpenTBL uses interactive scales.
  • Qualitative section
    This refers to the written feedback section of the evaluation. Students can either leave constructive or positive feedback.

Peer evaluation types

  • Balance points
    Balance points peer evaluation is based off the Michaelsen’s method. The student has 1 scale per team member and he/she must balance a specified number of points between their team.
  • Categories
    Peer evaluations with categories allows students to assess their teammates on a variety of areas.

Qualitative section

The Qualitative Section refers to the part of the evaluation where students can leave qualitative comments on the performance of an individual team member. There are two types of feedback: Positive and Constructive. When each student receives their compiled results, OpenTBL will visually differentiate between positive and constructive feedback to make it easier to digest the information.

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